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Romantic Photo Excursions of Bora Bora

Are you in love and planning a trip to Bora bora? Perhaps you are dreaming about a honeymoon vacation to Bora bora? Or maybe you are just hoping to be able to spend some magical times with someone very special to you and you want to remember them forever...

If any of this applies, we have a wonderfully romantic activity for you to consider:

Introducing our special "romantic photo excursions" in the most beautiful lagoon of the world.

These carefully timed and well thought out "photo tours" are designed with the intent of capturing your most special times and memories here with your lover, in the most beautiful spots on the lagoon, at just the right times of the day, on film, forever... justifying your voyage to this mythical island.

A professional photographer accompanies you (not at ALL times, mind you...) on a wonderful boating tour of the lagoon, capturing these special and romantic moments in all their splendor.

These photographs are taken with the intent of being stereotypically romantic... "postcards" of your time spent here together, for you to dream about forever. They are the special ones that you can't take on your own, always wish you had, and will be so happy to cherish when you get home... (We give you a photo CD to take with you.)

The various photo albums you can create with them prove that on Bora Bora your dreams CAN become reality...


1 & 1/2 hours:
100 photos

Romance and photos in the warm light of the setting Bora Bora sun.

Champagne drinks served in a coconut included...

What a way to end the day!

Depart: 4:30 & 5:00 pm

Price: $ 28000 xpf/ boat

Lagoon Lovers

2 & 1/2 hours:
150 photos

This is a romantic dream...

Open your champagne in the warm and shallow turquoise water. Relax and swim around...

We'll take some photos under the water in the middle of a wonderful coral garden while countless fish swim by...

This tour can be tailored to your wishes, likes, and desires.

Depart: 9:30 am & 1:30 pm

Price: $ 34000 xpf/ boat


Bora Bora Dream

4 & 1/2 hours:
250 photos

A complete tour of the fabulous lagoon with the final destination being an idyllic motu where you can relax and we can take more photos...

Stop where you want. Relax. Swim. Snorkel. Have fun... whatever...

There's lots to see including all the famous landscapes of Bora Bora, underwater coral gardens, emerald green and azure blue waters, etc.

Champagne drinks served in a coconut included.

Depart: 8:30/ 9:00 am & 1:00 pm

Price: $ 46000 xpf/ boat